Alfonso S. Bowens Jr.

The Lefty Bow
AGE: 37
HOMETOWN: Kansas City, MO

"Teamwork Makes The Dream Work" ~ Unknown

I'm tooooo creative.. 

Alfonso is a kingly name, Alfonso The Great King of Portugal in the 16th Century from I to VII. :) A name of truth and battle. 

Sylvester means "The Wood" which symbolizes for me dependable, strong.

Good day everyone, my name is Alfonso S. Bowens Jr. Creativity is an experience of taking nothing and forming it into a substance of value.  Are you creative?  

Finding the time for those you love is important, because the connections we make in life, help mold us, keep us, and strengthen us,  are you a family oriented person?  

For the Lord is on my side, and with His truth, i am set free 

"Pain has many forms, but so we must endure, For that is how we grow in life, through the adversity of pain." ~ A.Bowens Jr